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Robert Neill – Witchfire At Lammas

Posted by demonik on June 28, 2011

Robert Neill – Witchfire At Lammas (Arrow, 1979)


1715. Queen Anne is dead and the German King George reigns over England. Throughout the country, Jacobite support is stirring and in a village at the foot of the Pennines, loyalty to the ‘true King across the water’ is strong.

Into a community seething with superstition and mistrust comes young Celia Bancroft, well-bred, educated and talented. But her mysterious talents lie in the dark realms of witchcraft, amulets and incantations.

At a time when unrest and the lust for blood run high, the forces of white and black magic begin a power struggle that culminates in a chilling and macabre climax.

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Dennis Wheatley – To The Devil: A Daughter

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2010

Dennis Wheatley – To The Devil – A Daughter (Arrow, 1985 reprint)

Throughout a wrting career that spanned four decades, wheatley’s novels were almost invariably graced with ace cover paintings and staged photo’s. Arrow’s eighties reprints of his Black Magic thrillers did nothing to buck that trend.

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H. T. F. Rhodes – The Satanic Mass

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

H. T. F. Rhodes – The Satanic Mass (Arrow, 1964)

H. T. F. Rhodes - The Satanic  Mass

H. T. F. Rhodes - The Satanic Mass


The first account of the blasphemous rites commonly called the Black Mass.

Thanks to James Doig for providing the cover scan

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