Gregory Pendennis Library Of Black Sorcery

Welcome to the Hexenhaus of Fun

Introduction by Gregory Pendennis

scary pentagram

Good evening.

Welcome to the Gregory Pendennis Library of Black Sorcery. A safe haven from which to explore all manner of necromancy, magicks light and dark, the casting of spells, runes, and couches – so I am led to believe. Unscrupulous publishers push out these tomes to titillate and make a fast buck. But take heed, dear reader! There are dark and murky forces abroad. There are Black Sorcerors who are capable of manipulating time, shape, and energy. It’s not the pile of tosh you think it may be. I know! I have met these men and women, and their familiars. They exist. They are as real as you or I.

Seek beyond the pert, pouting, buxom, voluptuous, well-proportioned, you don’t get many of them to the…erm…wenches adorning these covers. (the good ones, anyway.) You will be amazed at the arcane knowledge within. Tread carefully. And not just because of those bastard familiars. There are things even well-educated chaps, such as myself, cannot explain. Or would want to.

Fear not that these obscure volumes are seemingly unavailable – except in dingy charity shops, dodgy car boot sales, or from seedy men in seedy pubs. I intend to collect the best of them into one handy volume. Gregory Pendennis presents The Devil And All His Ilk. If I can find one of these unscrupulous publishers. Does anybody have Mr. Peter Haining’s number?
So, settle down by the roaring fire, take a sip of your libation of choice (I recommend champagne and brandy), light up, loosen the ever-tighter smoking-jacket, and join me as we explore the evil that dwells within man, monster, God, demon and Devil.


Mr. Pendennis was talking to Franklin Marsh


Swimming a Witch

Dramatic reconstruction of a witch trial. Posed, uncredited, reputedly hails from the Victorian period. No old Doris’s were hurt during the filming of the stunt.

It is my sad duty to report that, in an effort to reflect the period under consideration accurately,  some of the book covers used to illustrate this blog feature authentic practitioners of witchcraft dressed in little or no clothing.

It can’t be helped.

The book industry of the of the time was not as responsible as today’s and although, commendably, the better publishing houses stuck with the traditional goats-head-in-a-scary-pentagram approach these were usually rubbish so we’ll try not to include too many if we can help it.


The person who compiled this exhaustive survey does not advocate Black Magic, White Magic or any Religion you care to name. He will not be held responsible should you decide to dabble in the occult, become a priest, nun, morris dancer, goth, witch-finder general, gibbering old crone, indulge in carnal activity, turn into a bat or display stigmata as a result of browsing this online museum.


A comprehensive site index is currently in preparation. This contains classic works by or about such occult luminaries as Aleister Crowley, Eric Maple, Richard Gardener, June Johns and Dennis Wheatley. Montague Summers is also included.

Alternatively you can just consult the ‘Flesh And The Fiendish’ Category if you want to get straight at the tits n’ bums.

11 Responses to “Welcome to the Hexenhaus of Fun”

  1. Very neat site. I’ve done a lot of research into the occult over the past few years, especially in relation to my supernatural novel, SO DARK THE NIGHT. I became fascinated with characters like Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, individuals who sought their answers far off the beaten track (and paid the price for it). I hope you’ll keep this site updated and on the radar for many years to come.

  2. black jackal bop said

    Thanks Cliff. The idea is to keep on adding to the ‘Black Sorcery Library’ and all the other Vault sections on a regular basis. We’re still in the process of transferring material from our first doomed attempt at a site, but I’m hoping WordPress will be our permanent home. If you have the time or inclination we’ve a forum where many of these titles are discussed in greater (or lesser!) depth. You might like to introduce yourself – and your work – to the members?

  3. Cunning Fowler said

    Wonderful. I’ve been collecting books of this ilk for many years and have now built a huge collection. Didn’t believe i’d find others of a similar mind – that old gothic horror tradition seems to have been out of favour in the last thirty or so years.. Found this site while browsing for stuff by Eric Ericcson – my girlfriend burnt one of his I had years ago!! And Dennis wheatley was the reason I became interested in the occult to start with when I was 11.

    These books certainly make scouring the charity shops tucked away in hidden alleyways, in lost market villages more interesting. The Peter haining Necromancers book is an absolute gem.

  4. black jackal bop said

    Thanks for your kind comments, CF. Very sorry to learn the terrible fate of your Eric Ericson masterpiece! We’ll be looking at him in (I hope) greater detail when the New English Library wing of this sprawling blog-thing is ready to go public. Much more to come on here, too, once I’ve got some quality time to spend on it.

    Even given the less endearing aspects of his writing, it’s truly shocking just how far Wheatley has fallen from favour since his death. Thankfully, the wonderful Wordswoth editions have just began reissueing some of his BM novels in very affordable (£1.99!) paperback – could we be due a revival?

    Incidentally, Wheatley ripped off Haining’s Necromancers something awful as Satanism And Witches for his Library Of The Occult series!

  5. Just wanted to say hello and great blog!

  6. Great blog!

  7. Wonderful blog!

  8. The Right Hon.The Lord KitchenKnife said

    An admirable & well put together blog. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Franklin Marsh & confirm he is good egg. More please, witchy waitress…

  9. demonik said

    Thank you, your lordship. Will pass on your kind words to my esteemed friend and colleague the excellent Mr. Marsh

    If you want some more devilish covers to browse, have started adding loads from the Dennis Wheatley Library of The Occult series (1974-77) on our Sordid Spheres tentacle. Many of them would be equally at home on here.

    “Witchy Waitress”. I’m rather fond of that …

  10. Greetings,

    I like proper fun on proper occasion. I dislike putting stuff in outdated ritual charade and calling it magick. If any of my own occult publishings are fun, feel free to offer cost free copies to your own community. Don’t mess with my copyright, please.


    My regards


  11. balasaheb patil said

    dear sir, i have ancient manuscripts of black magic & ayurveda [indian herbal medicine].those books are in sanskrit,modi[ancient marathi script]& prakrut.if you are interested please e-mail me.

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