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Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft

Posted by glampunk on December 15, 2007

Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft (Tandem, 1974)

Anatomy Of Witchcraft

Satanism, White Magic, Voodoo: the ancient rituals are alive today.

Witchcraft in Britain
Appendix I: The Initiation of a Witch
Appendix II: Ritual Magic
The Growth of Black Magic
The Witches of America
Evil on the Coast
Appendix: The Satanic Ritual
The Ancient Craft in Europe
Witchcraft Behind the Iron Curtain
Voodoo – Black Witchcraft
Appendix: The Voodoo Blood Sacrifice
The Rest of the World

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for posting the details and coverscan on Vault of Evil 

5 Responses to “Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft”

  1. azarak said

    How totally cool. I love that book cover!

  2. Crimson said

    uhh witchcraft isnt barbaric…i would know, i am one. and witches dont practice black magick, if they do, they are not a witch because witches believe in karma.

  3. VictorD said

    Would someone be able to tell me what restaurant in Houston, Tx is referenced in this book?

  4. Joseph said

    Meditation is the key, thanks to Peter for hidden knowledge he shared.

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