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Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror

Posted by glampunk on August 30, 2007

Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror (Sphere 1980)

Ray Russell The Devil’s Mirror

Shattering Reflections Of A Terrifying Demonic Evil

In this chilling collection of tales the Grand Master of occult horror serves up a suitably satanic concoction of devilish delights.

There’s a Russian composer, Cholodenco, who makes a Faustian pact at his friend’s expense: the lecherous old man who exacts a particularly hideous revenge on his nubile young wife and her lover: a sinister musical time machine that reveals a ghastly atrocity from the dark abyss of time. and in each brilliantly abominable offering Ray Russell weaves a web of evil that captures the reader in a nerve-rending network of waking nightmares.

Comet Wine
The Runaway Lovers
Quoth The Raven
Here Comes John Henry!
Xong of Xuxan
A Most Miraculous Organ
The Humanic Complex
God Will Provide
The Charm
The Better Man
The Darwin Sampler
Acres Of Bread
The Devil’s Mirror
A Whole New Ball Game
The Freedom Fighter
The World Of Lights
Skin Deep
Space Opera
Ghost Of A Chance
The Hell You Say
Time Bomb
The Great Earth Centauri Galactic Postal System
The Fortunes Of Popowcer
Captain Clark of the Space Patrol
Unholy Travesty

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Ray Russell – The Case Against Satan

Posted by glampunk on August 30, 2007

Ray Russell – The Case Against Satan (Sphere, 1970: originally 1963)

Can a pious and beautiful young girl become the spokesman of the devil? Can Satan manifest himself in the mind and body of a guileless innocent?

The Bishop could find no other reason for Susan Garth’s strange and shocking behaviour – and Father Sargent was assigned to the dangerous task of exorcism. A dangerous task indeed for a brilliant young priest beset by serious doubts about his own faith.

As Father Sargent struggles to reconcile the new frontiers of psychiatry with the dark, primeval forces of evil, the story unfolds with painful suspense to its extraordinary climax.

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