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Francis King – Sexuality, Magic and Perversion

Posted by glampunk on August 28, 2007

Francis King – Sexuality, Magic And Perversion (Nel, 1972)

Francis King - Sexuality, Magic and Perversion

There has always been the tradition of a hidden side to sex, the strange belief that the sexual act may be transformed into a supernatural rite.

Francis King here presents a detailed account of his researches into the relationship between sexuality, perversion and magic — touching on Tantric Rituals of India, the sexual alchemists of China and Aleister Crowley’s “Order of Oriental Templars”.

This remarkable book, the first of its kind, also provides a fascinating look at the role played by magical fantasy in hard-core pornography.

5 Responses to “Francis King – Sexuality, Magic and Perversion”

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  4. Niejar said

    I’Ve trying for years to get this book…anyone’s got a copy .Im willing to exchange for similiar books

  5. judianmac said

    Anywhere that i can find this gem?

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