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The Grimoire: site index

The Grimoire

The Gregory Pendennis Library Of The Occult

Please note: A small proportion of these links direct you to pages on other WordPress blogs which some people have been uncharitable enough to suggest were created by the same gnarled hands as this one.

The Flesh And The Fiendish

James Darke – The Witches #1: The Prisoner
James Darke – The Witches #2: The Trial
James Darke – The Witches #3: The Torture
June Johns – Black Magic Today
Francis King – Sexuality, Magic And Perversion
Richard Whittington-Egan – Weekend Book Of Ghosts And Horror 2
Dennis Wheatley – The Devil Rides Out
Angus Hall – To Play the Devil
Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft
Robert Neill – Witch Bane
Stewart Farrar – What Witches Do
Gerald B. Gardner – Witchcraft Today
William Seabrook – Witchcraft
Ronald Holmes – Witchfinder General
Brian Ball – Lesson For The Damned
Ray Russell – The Case Against Satan
Eric Ericson – The Woman Who Slept With Demons
Ralph Comer – The Witchfinders
Hilda Lewis – The Witch And The Priest
Peter Haining – The Anatomy Of Witchcraft

Support Your Local Hideous Old Hag

Mary-Rose Hayes – The Neighbours

Usual Goats Head/ Pentagram/ Scary Skull malarkey

Montague Summers – Witchcraft & Black Magic
Richard Cavendish – The Black Arts
Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror
Peter Haining – The Satanists
Peter Haining – The Necromancers
Peter Haining – The Black Magic Omnibus
Gillian Tindall – A Handbook On Witches

Witches in Pictures: cover illustrations – demons, druids, warlocks, witches, etc.

Dennis Wheatley – The Devil And All His Works
Peter Haining – Witchcraft And Black Magic
Wray Hunt – Satan’s Daughter
Simon Majors – The Druid Stone
S. F. Roland – Witch Mark
Ronald B. Holmes – Witchcraft In British History
Peter Haining – The Witchcraft Reader

Significant Others: The more restrained efforts. Honest, you wonder why they bother.

Dorothy Irvine – From Witchcraft To Christ
Peter Haining & A. V. Sellwood – Devil Worship In Britain
Peter Haining – Legends For The Dark
Eric Maple – The Dark World Of Witches
John Symonds – The Great Beast: The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley
H. T. F. Rhodes – The Satanic Mass
Virginia Coffman – Castle At Witches Coven
Peter Haining – A Circle of Witches
Joan Paisnel – The Beast Of Jersey
Daniel P. Mannix – The Hellfire Club

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  1. Nice collection.


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