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Mary-Rose Hayes – The Neighbours

Posted by glampunk on August 27, 2007

Mary-Rose Hayes – The Neighbours (Nel, July 1978 edition: Originally Pinnacle Books, 1977, Nel Dec. 1977)

Mary-Rose Hayes - The Neighbours

Chetty hated the house in Woodburn Hills the moment she and her parents moved in. There were no other kids to play with, the house smelt and the whole neighbourhood was creepy.

And then when her father left on a business trip and her mother fell mysteriously ill, Chetty began to realise the danger that threatened her.

The sinister old woman in the big house, the uncanny interest the neighbours took in Chetty, the strange forebodings she sensed in those around her –

Chetty knew what was happening, but how could a five-year-old girl control her own stark terror and face the terrible evil of THE NEIGHBOURS?

Yuk! Who’s this ugly old bat? Put another cover up quick!

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