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Richard Cavendish – The Black Arts

Posted by glampunk on August 31, 2007

Richard Cavendish – The Black Arts (Pan, 1969)

Richard Cavendish

Every aspect of Black Magic, from ancient times to the present day, is described in this compellingly and chillingly readable book …. 

2 Responses to “Richard Cavendish – The Black Arts”

  1. Rob Taylor said

    I have the 1970s green version which is cool but I wish I had that version. It’s actually a great book too.

  2. Stephen said

    I first read “The BLACK ARTS” in 1968 THE ONLY FRUIT IN IT FOR THE SERIOUS STUDENT comes in two
    categories 1). Researcher and 2). Those who wish to become a Practitioner of Ceremonial Magic. R. Cavendish writing is to make the student aware with a perspective and encouragement to seek out fruitful writings in the Living Body Of Literature on “CEREMONIAL MAGIC.” in treating the two above paths.

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