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Virginia Coffman – Castle At Witches Coven

Posted by glampunk on August 27, 2007

Virginia Coffman – Castle At Witches Coven (Paitkus, 1988)

Virginia Coffman - Castle At Witches Coven

Photo: Art Directors Photo Library
Jacket Design: Ken Leeder

He said his name was Philippe de Vaudraye, and explained that he was the brother of lovely Climene Beauhan’s dead fiancé. He told her he had been away in England for a number of years and had only returned to the family castle shortly before Climene’s own arrival there.

But the villagers whispered of evil doings on the estate, and of another Philippe — the god of the witches — who had been executed four hundred years ago. A Philippe who returned every hundred years to lead the coven in its devilish work. A Philippe who looked just like the man standing before Climene now, bewitching her with his golden eyes, beckoning to her to follow him down a path from which there was no return…

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