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June Johns – Black Magic Today

Posted by glampunk on August 25, 2007

June Johns – Black Magic Today (Nel, 1971)


…. Altars defiled …. Animals mutilated and slaughtered … These are just the tip of an iceberg of incidents are beginning to appear with increasing regularity in the newspaper headlines. What sort of people practice Black Magic and how great a threat is it?

Journalist June Johns has done her research well and her revelations will shock and, possibly, frighten you. She tells of the cruelties and sexual perversions used in the practice of magic and the way drugs and blackmail have debased its participants. What really happens “after the Ball is over” at leading country houses? And, indeed, the simplest question of all – what exactly is Black Magic?

In my copy somebody’s written: Comment. Of interest but little value. They don’t know what they’re talking about! This is like the true successor to Devil Worship In Britain !

Also, note the frankly, shameful cover. It’s the type of outrage I warned you about in the Warning so I hope you bothered to read it!

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