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Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror

Posted by glampunk on August 30, 2007

Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror (Sphere 1980)

Ray Russell The Devil’s Mirror

Shattering Reflections Of A Terrifying Demonic Evil

In this chilling collection of tales the Grand Master of occult horror serves up a suitably satanic concoction of devilish delights.

There’s a Russian composer, Cholodenco, who makes a Faustian pact at his friend’s expense: the lecherous old man who exacts a particularly hideous revenge on his nubile young wife and her lover: a sinister musical time machine that reveals a ghastly atrocity from the dark abyss of time. and in each brilliantly abominable offering Ray Russell weaves a web of evil that captures the reader in a nerve-rending network of waking nightmares.

Comet Wine
The Runaway Lovers
Quoth The Raven
Here Comes John Henry!
Xong of Xuxan
A Most Miraculous Organ
The Humanic Complex
God Will Provide
The Charm
The Better Man
The Darwin Sampler
Acres Of Bread
The Devil’s Mirror
A Whole New Ball Game
The Freedom Fighter
The World Of Lights
Skin Deep
Space Opera
Ghost Of A Chance
The Hell You Say
Time Bomb
The Great Earth Centauri Galactic Postal System
The Fortunes Of Popowcer
Captain Clark of the Space Patrol
Unholy Travesty

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