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Robert Neill – Witchfire At Lammas

Posted by demonik on June 28, 2011

Robert Neill – Witchfire At Lammas (Arrow, 1979)


1715. Queen Anne is dead and the German King George reigns over England. Throughout the country, Jacobite support is stirring and in a village at the foot of the Pennines, loyalty to the ‘true King across the water’ is strong.

Into a community seething with superstition and mistrust comes young Celia Bancroft, well-bred, educated and talented. But her mysterious talents lie in the dark realms of witchcraft, amulets and incantations.

At a time when unrest and the lust for blood run high, the forces of white and black magic begin a power struggle that culminates in a chilling and macabre climax.

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better shove something new up …

Posted by demonik on June 28, 2011


It seems like AGES since i had anything to stick up – been busy on Vault because we’re so happening – so here’s a mixed bag of witchy bits and bobs, a few album covers (for no other reason than they’re two of my favourites) , a rare glimpse of lesbian dracula in action, a sneak prieview of Gregory Pendennis’s forthcoming best seller … followed by what must surely be the most boring cover for a witchcraft paperback i have ever set disbelieving eyes on.

for your pleasure, as ever


gloomy sundae XXX

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Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft

Posted by demonik on May 15, 2009

Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft (Horwitz, 1970).



“Nine tenths of Black Magicians and Witches are phonies …. Most of these people are in it for sexual orgies and dope traffic. We should investigate the powers of the human mind, certainly, but this monkeying around with unknown forces is dangerous for the weak minded. I’ve known people neglect their wives and children and end up in the looney bin. The Witchcraft laws should be brought back. First offenders should be given a very strict warning, but a second time, then they should be slapped down

– Dennis Wheatley (Roger Baker: Binding The Devil; Exorcism Past & Present, Sheldon, 1974)

You see! I told you they were all on the old drugs!

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Dennis Wheatley – The Devil And All His Works

Posted by glampunk on December 15, 2007

Dennis Wheatley – The Devil And All His Works (Hutchinson, 1971)


A lifetime of reading and research lies behind Dennis Wheatley’s world famous Black Magic and Occult novels.

Now, in this absorbing, lavishly illustrated book he describes and sums up his findings and his conclusions.

Throughout history the elemental principles of Good and Evil, of Light and Darkness have interacted and struggled for domination. The evidence of invisible influences on mankind, hypnosis, faith-healing, telepathy, is plentiful. The studies of astrology, numerology, palmistry, alchemy and the Cabala are described. Here is the history of religion and magic among the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Incas, down to the present day.

Here also are described the outward manifestations of those beliefs: human sacrifice, the mysteries of the Pyramids, the rituals of the Druids, witches’ sabbaths, the perverted frenzies of the Black Mass, the conjuring up of the spirits of the dead.

The Devil and All His Works, which includes 48 pages of colour plates, 167 black and white illustrations and 6 maps, is probably the most complete, most graphic survey of the forces of Darkness ever published.

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