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Brian McNaughton – Satan’s Mistress

Posted by demonik on April 27, 2010

Brian McNaughton – Satan’s Mistress (Star, 1981)


She haunted his dream’s with her vicious sensuality: the image of the red-haired siren raged in his blood, becoming his one reality.
Driven by the blinding force of those sweet nightmares, he wakens from the sleep of centuries a monstrosity he cannot control

Soon he is not the possessor, but the possessed: the instrument of her insatiable flesh-hunger, tearing a hideous swathe through the shattered torpor of the quiet New England town.

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Brian McNaughton – Satan’s Lovechild

Posted by demonik on April 27, 2010

Brian McNaughton – Satan’s Lovechild (Star, 1981: originally Carlyle US, 1977)


Riveredge Township was a quiet place and Ken and Marcia Creighton were an ordinary couple. When they married she put the past behind her, forgetting the weird commune in the Black Hills of Dakota. But Ken couldn’t forget. Because fifteen-year-old Melody was Marcia’s daughter, but not his, the beautiful but icy child of an
unknown father.

When Melody’s nightmares began Ken thought she needed a psychiatrist, but the terrifying dreams sounded horribly familiar to Marcia. They took her back sixteen years to Melody’s conception in the drug-crazed commune. Then Marcia had been a virgin, a living sacrifice to the powers of darkness. In a ritual orgy of evil she had conceived the daughter she called her own – SATAN’S LOVE CHILD.

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