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James Holledge – Sex And The Sun King

Posted by demonik on December 5, 2009

James Holledge – Sex And The Sun King (Horwitz, 1964)



“Her beauty is marvellous. Her costume is as wonderful as her beauty, and her gaiety as her costume.”
In this manner a contemporary described the notorious Athenais de Montespan, mis­tress of Louis XVI who had vowed “to show France how a King’s mistress should really uphold her station.”
It was also said that “thunderous and triumphant she entered upon her empire as one to the manner born, a tyrant over Louis and thus over the land and people he thought to rule by right divine,”
To hold her position against rivals de Montespan used not only feminine wiles, but the cruel, disgusting magic of the Black Mass.

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