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Hilda Lewis – The Witch And The Priest

Posted by demonik on May 8, 2009

Hilda Lewis – The Witch And The Priest [# 29] (Sphere, 1975)

The ph*t*buc*ket-bothering cover of The Witch And The Priest.

The ph*t*buc*ket-bothering cover of The Witch And The Priest.

“This novel by Hilda Lewis is one of the best I have ever read about witchcraft.” – from Dennis Wheatley’s introduction.

The Witch And The Priest
is Volume 29 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult

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Dennis Wheatley – The Devil And All His Works

Posted by glampunk on December 15, 2007

Dennis Wheatley – The Devil And All His Works (Hutchinson, 1971)


A lifetime of reading and research lies behind Dennis Wheatley’s world famous Black Magic and Occult novels.

Now, in this absorbing, lavishly illustrated book he describes and sums up his findings and his conclusions.

Throughout history the elemental principles of Good and Evil, of Light and Darkness have interacted and struggled for domination. The evidence of invisible influences on mankind, hypnosis, faith-healing, telepathy, is plentiful. The studies of astrology, numerology, palmistry, alchemy and the Cabala are described. Here is the history of religion and magic among the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Incas, down to the present day.

Here also are described the outward manifestations of those beliefs: human sacrifice, the mysteries of the Pyramids, the rituals of the Druids, witches’ sabbaths, the perverted frenzies of the Black Mass, the conjuring up of the spirits of the dead.

The Devil and All His Works, which includes 48 pages of colour plates, 167 black and white illustrations and 6 maps, is probably the most complete, most graphic survey of the forces of Darkness ever published.

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Peter Haining – The Black Magic Omnibus

Posted by glampunk on August 29, 2007

Peter Haining – The Black Magic Omnibus (Robson, 1976: Futura, 1977)

I’ve never seen the Robson edition but the contents were recycled over two Futura paperbacks the following year and its a strong selection, the first volume perhaps moreso than the second.

The Black Magic Omnibus: Volume 1 – ed. Peter Haining (Futura, 1977)

Introduction – Peter Haining
Prologue – Dennis Wheatley

Roger Zelazny – The Salvation Of Faust
Dorothy Pitkin Buck – Transgressor’s Way
August Derleth – Lesandro’s Familiar
Manly Wade Wellman – The Liers In Wait
Seabury Quinn – Is The Devil A Gentleman?
Margaret Irwin – Monsieur Seeks A Wife
Eric Frank Russell – The Rythm Of The Rats
Jerome Bixby – The Magic Potion
Robert Arthur – The Mirror Of Cagliostro
Aleister Crowley – The Dream Circean
M. P. Shiel – The Primate Of The Rose
H. P. Lovecraft – Witches’ Hollow
Shirley Jackson – The Daemon Lover
Ursula Le Guin – April In Paris
Fritz Leiber – Cry Witch!

The Black Magic Omnibus: Volume 2 – ed. Peter Haining (Futura, 1977)

Introduction – Peter Haining

Robert Graves – An Appointment For Candlemass
Samuel M. Clawson – Double Hex
Gaston Leroux – In Letters Of Fire
Hans Heinz Ewers – Vampire’s Prey
Feodor Sologub – Invoker Of The Beast
William Sambrot – Night Of The Leopard
Jorge Luis Borges – The Circular Ruins
W. B. Seabrook – The Wedding Guests
Avram Davidson – The Power Of Every Root
Richard Matheson – By Appointment Only
MacKinlay Kantor – The Witch Doctor Of Rosy Ridge
Joan Fleming – Writer’s Witch
Larry M. Harris – The Power Of The Job
Gordon MacCreagh – Dr. Muncing, Exorcist

Epilogue – Ray Bradbury

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Peter Haining – The Satanists

Posted by glampunk on August 28, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Satanists (Neville Spearman, 1969, Mayflower, 1971)

The Satanists

Peter Haining – Modern Satanism: The Facts

Montague Summers – The Satanic Mass
E. F. Benson – The Sanctuary
Algernon Blackwood – Ancient Sorceries
H. P. Lovecraft – The Festival
August Derleth – The Watcher From The Sky
Dennis Wheatley – The Black Magician (extract from “The Satanist”)
Aleister Crowley – The Initiation
Margaret Irwin – The Book
Cleve Cartmill – No News Today
Robert Bloch – Spawn Of The Dark One (AKA Sweet Sixteen)

Black Magic Battle In The Church (short article from ‘The Sun’)

Haining’s essay is pretty sober in comparison to the mighty A. V. Sellwood collaberation “Devil Worship In Britain” (Corgi, 1964)

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