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June Johns – King Of The Witches

Posted by demonik on May 29, 2009

Many harrumph at the lurid and sensational cover photograph gracing June Johns’ Black Magic Today. It’s only when taken in its proper context – i.e., against the cover of Ms. Johns’ earlier investigation of white magic – that you can begin to appreciate New English Library’s commendable restraint.

June Johns – King Of The Witches (Pan, 1969)


A. master of the occult reveals the forbidden secrets of sorcery, witchcraft and black magic


Alex Saunders, the most powerful white witch in Europe, lays bare the true rites and ceremonies of his craft, recounts his uncanny powers of healing and tells how he bargained for his soul with the devil.

Worldly success bought a string of mistresses, bizarre parties and satanic sexual rites.

Personal tragedy led Saunders to renounce the haunted world of black witchcraft and begin his constant battle with the forces of evil ….

“A range of clairvoyant and magical phenomena, exceptional even by the standards of Crowleyan achievement.” – The Times Literary Supplement

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