Gregory Pendennis Library Of Black Sorcery

Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft

Posted by demonik on May 15, 2009

Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft (Horwitz, 1970).



“Nine tenths of Black Magicians and Witches are phonies …. Most of these people are in it for sexual orgies and dope traffic. We should investigate the powers of the human mind, certainly, but this monkeying around with unknown forces is dangerous for the weak minded. I’ve known people neglect their wives and children and end up in the looney bin. The Witchcraft laws should be brought back. First offenders should be given a very strict warning, but a second time, then they should be slapped down

– Dennis Wheatley (Roger Baker: Binding The Devil; Exorcism Past & Present, Sheldon, 1974)

You see! I told you they were all on the old drugs!

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