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Janie Jones – Witch’s Brew

Posted by demonik on May 10, 2009


Not wishing to step on Sexy Witch‘s dainty toes but, ooh look, it’s Janie Jones publicising her big hit single Witches Brew in 1966. Despite several further attempts at cracking the charts, sadly, it wasn’t to be although Janie was soon to taste fame like she’d never dreamt when the crusading ‘News Of The World House Of the JuJu Queen (with the Clash as her backing band) it’s probably fair to say that the Witchy one wasn’t eaten up by repentance! began taking an interest in the swinging parties she threw for celebs at her Kensington home where regular attendees are rumoured to have included Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink and Tony Blackburn and personal services, spanking sessions and voyeurism were allegedly the order of the day. Convicted of running an escort service, she was sentenced to prison for seven years in 1973 and served four years. Judging by the glam transvestite nun-swishing back cover of her 1983 comeback single


Well, that’s certainly upped the tits ‘n bums quota if nothing else. Sort of.

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