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Gregory Pendennis – The Man Who Collected Probert

Posted by demonik on April 18, 2009

Gregory Pendennis – The Man Who Collected Probert (Spear, 2002)




The Duke de Risqué and his colleagues have faced many dangers since fate first threw them together in the Black Hole of Calcutta.

  • From Hitlers Goon Squad in Berlin during the rise of the Reich. (“Hitler Was A Nazi!”)
  • From machete-wielding Mau Mau in the jungles of Kenya (“They Ate Our Sisters”)
  • From Suffragettes, Godless Regicides and “Madame Guillotine” in 18th century Paris (“Piranhas In Petticoats”, albeit the entire French episode takes place during a Moet Et Chandon induced dream sequence)

Now, at the dawn of a brave new millennium, an unexpected menace lures them from retirement for yet another final operation behind the Iron Curtain – a mission that will bring them face to face with Satan himself!.

The telegram from top brass leaves no room for misunderstanding. Playboy author Lord Probert and Lacey Stockingtops, the Duke’s beautiful great-granddaughter, have gone missing from the Foreign Office – and with them a floppy disc containing the intimate details of high ranking British Secret Service Personnel. de Risqué knows better than most just how badly the Russians want to get their swarthy hands on that information. But can Lacey really have turned traitor? What is her connection with the untrustworthy, one-armed Champagne Socialist and powerful Black Magician Luke Tudor-Wainwright, the traitor widely believed to spearhead the TUC’s White slavery racket?

“There’s only one thing for it”, the Duke addressed his incredulous friends with steel eyed determination. “Tonight, I shall tear down the Berlin wall with my own bare hands – with or without that blasted Socialist PM’s permission!”

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