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James Darke – Witches #2: The Trial

Posted by glampunk on August 30, 2007

James Darke – Witches #2: The Trial (Sphere, 1983)



As the Civil War raged on fear rode abroad on a nag with eyes of fire and teeth of flame. Every man lived in terror of his neighbour, and betrayal lurked in the shadow of every penny ale-house. It was a time of horror and desperation, a time for sons of darkness like Robert Monk to flourish.

With the murderous gypsy brothers Daniel and Abraham Mendoza and the raddled whore Liza Hall, Monk pursues his profitable trade in torture and terror. As the trail of mutilated corpses grows, so does his fortune. John Ferris has sworn to hunt Monk to the death. But now he has fallen into the hands of the witchfinder himself and only the giant Negro Brutus York can save him.

One Response to “James Darke – Witches #2: The Trial”

  1. pauline said

    Where can I buy a copy of this book. I have the 1st one The Prisoner, unable to find any more.

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