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Brian Ball – Lesson For The Damned

Posted by glampunk on August 30, 2007

Brian Ball – Lesson For The Damned (Nel, 1971)

Lessons For The Damned

Penny was born under a good sign. The right star at the right time. She is ideal for the Devil.

Midsummer Night approaches: a windswept Peak District lays bare its soul, anticipating the arrival of His Satanic Majesty. And Penny, the provincial young Night School mistress from a nearby estate, prepares herself for the ultimate violation.

But what if the Devil wants more?
Serial offender Brian Ball strikes again. See also Witchfinder: The Evil At Monteine and Witchfinder: The Mark Of The Beast on Morbid Mayflowers.

One Response to “Brian Ball – Lesson For The Damned”

  1. Blood said

    A good story. Read it in my teens many years ago, several times . . allways loved it! Unfornately without a copy of it today.

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