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Wray Hunt – Satan’s Daughter

Posted by glampunk on August 29, 2007

Wray Hunt – Satan’s Daughter (Nel, Aug 1975. Originally Robert Hale, 1970)

“Shame, pain and power,” the gypsy said, “all three are yours – or nothing.”

Thus the gypsies told the fortune of little Alys, daughter of the vicious broom-maker of the Purbeck moors.
Alys kept this dream of her future to herself, to give her hope through the years of pain and starvation until she was old enough to run away and seek her fortune.

But the world was not kind to her, and she found that she had to be harsh, ruthless and cruel to achieve her ambitions. She was even willing to join a witches’ coven to practice their potions on the King, and so become his mistress. At last she had the power he had always sought, but at what cost to her eternal soul ….

Ghastly review on Vault.

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