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S. F. Roland – Witch Mark

Posted by glampunk on August 29, 2007

S. F. Roland – Witch Mark (New English Library, 1977)

S. F. Roland - Witch Mark


Life in Tudor England was very hard for all but the landed gentry. The fear of witchcraft was prominent in people’s minds.

When Mary True’s parents are taken to London and burned as witches, she knows that they – as well as so many others – are innocent.

She follows them to the big city. Penniless, barefoot, lost and knowing no-one, she is determined to know the truth. Why were her parents so wrongfully punished?

Thanks to Justin Marriott of Paperback Fanatic for the cover scan.

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2 Responses to “S. F. Roland – Witch Mark”

  1. Sev said

    Hey Dem,
    Just found out that this was a pseudonymous effort of Stephen D. Frances – who created Hank Janson – but we’ll be more familiar with his Sexton Blake and Peter Saxon stuff.

  2. demonik said

    Thanks Sev – great to see you back again. I’m gonna update all of this stuff soon and there’s a NEL section in the offing. Hope all is well with you!

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