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Peter Haining – Legends For The Dark

Posted by glampunk on August 28, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Legends For The Dark (Nel, 1968)

Peter Haining Legends For The Dark

Cover: Bruce Pennington

Introduction – Peter Haining

Arthur Porges – Solomon’s Demon
Robert Sheckley – The Altar
August Derleth – Here, Daemos!
Basil Copper – The Academy Of Pain
Robert Bloch – Floral Tribute
Wesley Rosenquest – The Secret Of The Vault
Jules Verne – The Ordeal Of Dr. Trifulgas
Edward D. Ludwig – A Night With Hecate
H. P. Lovecraft – Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Ray Bradbury – The Scythe

This book was to have been sealed – to keep the horrors in. As it is not, read at your peril.

No-one has ever proved that RAY BRADBURY, ROBERT BLOCH, AUGUST DERLETH and their legendary companions in the dark are not practicing warlocks or ghouls. So no guarentee is given of a safe passage through their tales of secret rituals, Occult religions and Black Magic.

Of course, we can always recommend a good undertaker ….

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