Gregory Pendennis Library Of Black Sorcery

Malvern, 1968

Posted by glampunk on August 28, 2007

Black Mass in a park starts police hunt

A group of people who celebrated a Black Mass with animals hearts as sacrifices are being sought by police.

The police were called to a shelter at Malvern Park, near the centre of Solihull, Warwickshire, after an attendant found two hearts skewered to an altar improvised from park benches.

A crucifix was suspended upside down above it, and the altar was draped in mauve cloth. Burned candles were still there. Police took the relics away.

Chief Superintendent Dennis Fretwell, head of SolihuII police, said: ‘Inquiries are being made into ancient statutes concerning Satanism.

‘We are most concerned about the motives of these people.

The Sun , May 12th 1968

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