Gregory Pendennis Library Of Black Sorcery


Posted by glampunk on August 28, 2007

In March, a woman’s remains were dragged from a tomb in a graveyard at Clophill, Beds, brought into a neighbouring church, and used for a black Mass ceremony.

In May, a fire was found to have been kindled on the high altar of ruined Bayham Abbey, hear Tunbridge Wells. Among the embers were the feathers and bones of a cock. It was the day after the witches’ feast of Walpurgis eve.

In June, Yorkshire police issued a special request to churches to break with their tradition of sanctuary – by locking their doors after services. Following a spate of robberies – where church plate and vestments had been stolen and more valuable property ignored – it was feared that a gang had been hired to supply BLACK MAGIC practitioners with materials for their ceremonies.

By July, it transpired that Yorkshire’s experience was by no means unique. Police in Northants reported that 13 churches had been robbed in ten days. In Lancashire, after thefts from 70 churches, the head of the County’s C.I.D. drew up plans with the Bishop of Lancashire for police and parishioner  vigils.

In November, several crosses – one of them six inches square – were broken in the graveyard of a church at Appleton, Berks.

 In December, the traditional death curse of the Black Magicians – a sheep’s heart pierced with thirteen thorns – made it’s appearance on a tombstone of St. Clement’s Church, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, together with occult signs traced on the path beneath.

In mid-December, “Devil worshippers” raided the 12th century church at Westham, Sussex, held a “black” service there, spat upon the cross, and escaped after a tussle with the vicar and churchwardens.
– A.V. Sellwood and Peter Haining, Devil Worship in Britain Corgi 1964.

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