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Simon Majors – The Druid Stone

Posted by glampunk on August 27, 2007

Simon Majors (Gardner F. Fox) – The Druid Stone (Pocket Library, 1967: Nel, 1971)

The Druid Stone artwork Victor Kalim

Cover (obviously designed with another, better novel in mind) : Victor Kalin

A sleepy New Hampshire town fears it has been invaded by creatures of the devil. Always fascinated by the occult, Brian Creoghan remembers the warning he once read in an ancient book of sorcery:


At first it seems preposterous. This is the 20th century.

And the “creatures of the devil” are only the MacArts, a strange brother and sister who share a mysterious old house.

But when cats are found burned as sacrifices, and a little girl is mysteriously killed, Brian decides to investigate. Not until he becomes dangerously involved in the MacArts’ sinister rites does he realize that he has been chosen by a supernatural power to prevent them from turning Earth into Hell!

The Americans were lucky. That Victor Kalin cover is worth the price of admission alone which is just as well – the novel isn’t. Back in the UK, Nel saw fit to fob us off with …

Simon Major Druid Stone NEL


Thanks to andy (nightreader) of Vault for so generously providing me with a copy of the Pocket Book edition and also to Justin of Paperback Dungeon for the scan of the NEL.

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