Gregory Pendennis Library Of Black Sorcery

Montague Summers – Witchcraft & Black Magic

Posted by glampunk on August 27, 2007

Montague Summers – Witchcraft & Black Magic (Arrow, 1964: originally Rider, 1946)

Montague Summers Witchcraft And Black Magic

Witchcraft. Black Magic. Satanism. Call it by what name you will. The cult of the Devil is the most terrible power at work in the world today.

Witchcraft – the religion of wickedness – did not end in the eighteenth century. For then demonism was rampant in England. Satanists in the highest places joined Hellfire Clubs. The celebration of the Black Mass with its obscene, brutal, impious rites became a flagrant scandal. The same evils threaten us today from the shadows.

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