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James Darke – The Witches #1: The Prisoner

Posted by glampunk on August 26, 2007

James Darke – The Witches #1: The Prisoner (Sphere, 1983)


It was a time of fear. The great Civil War which had split the country from top to bottom still raged. The King was rumoured to have fled but robber bands of his troops still lurked in the mist, marauding gangs of deadly spectres waiting for the innocent. In the absence of King and Parliament, terror ruled with mistrust and murder close behind. But there was no greater terror than the Witchfinders.
Living on torture, bribery and lust they took rich pickings as they scoured each parish and hamlet for victims. John Ferris has sworn to fight their rule of bloody atrocities – to take revenge for his father’s death and his lover’s abduction – to fight the storm of darkness with the sword.

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also in this chilling new series

The Witches series was notable fot its close attention to authentic period detail as this atmospheric cover attests. Hard to believe it was actually published in 1983!

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